How to Get Rid of Back Fat and Love Handles

One of the more overlooked areas in which people don’t necessarily think of to lose fat is on the back of their body. Sure, the butt gets attention, as do the abdominals on the front side of the torso…but not the back itself as much.

From the upper part of the back, down the spine, and the love handles covering both sides; having a sexy and well toned back can be quite desirable even if we don’t see it everyday.

We see it in the mirror, other folks, see it on us everyday. The question is, how do women get rid of the back rolls and love handles?

How to Lose Back Fat for Women

No Spot Reduction

One of the most important things to remember is that, you cannot simply remove fat from one of these areas of the body, and that’s it. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, you’re not going to be able to simply exercise the back muscles and suddenly have no fat deposits there.

Wouldn’t that be weird looking anyway? To have a full belly but your love handles and upper back fat melted away?

When people wan to only lose fat in a certain area of the body, this is referred to as spot reduction, and it isn’t how things happen.

Instead, the lower back fat and the rest of the body fat comes off gradually with a solid calorie reduction plan and exercise. Some body parts take longer to lose fat on, but the entire body will be losing fat simultaneously.

For men, the love handles are usually the last spot that the fat goes completely. For women, it well usually be the thighs and butt.

The Back Fat Solution

So, is there a special trick to getting rid of back blubber and love handles? No, there is no shortcut, the answer is caloric reduction through dietary changes and additional exercise to help tap into those calories that are currently stored as fat.

In order to burn off fat, you have to be in a caloric deficit each day. Meaning, that old tried and true equation of calories in being less than calories out.

The simplest way to go about doing this without things being super restrictive and being easy to maintain in the long run, is by slowly reducing the number of net calories one has at the end of each day.

To figure out how many calories you need, you can use an online calculator or download a fitness app, which will calculate how many calories you should have each day to low a set amount of weight.

So, if you are aiming for 2 lbs per week, the app will tell you how many calories you are limited to in order to achieve that.

Then, all you need to do is put the food you eat into the app, the exercise you get, and then weigh yourself so that you can make any adjustments to stay on track.

At 2 lbs per week, that is 24 lbs over a three month period, which will go a very long way at getting rid of the excess fat stored on the back.

The reason that it is best to use an app, is to keep you on track, and aware of how many calories you’re taking in each day and not going too low or too high…which will lead to failure long-term.

Yes, you can go at a faster clip than 2 lbs per week, but 3-4 lbs is really fast for most people who aren’t very obese.

Are There are Exercises to Lose Love Handles or Back Fat?

There are exercises to strengthen and gain size in the back muscles…these aren’t going to lose fat specifically in those areas. Yes, these exercises help to burn calories, but remember it’s a gradual process of fat reduction over the entire body.

What the exercises will do, is to create a sexy looking back, once the fat loss is achieved. This is that ‘muscle tone’ that people talk about. You build the muscle through weight lifting and reduce the amount of body fat that you have in order to see those newly toned muscles.