Get Rid of Arm Jiggle with Muscle Gains

One of the areas where fat gets stored quite a bit on the body, but doesn’t get that much attention, is the arms. That dreaded jiggle that runs near the elbow and up through the triceps is very common for women and can hang quite a bit whenever they lift or extend their arm to grab something. So, the question begs, how does one get rid of this excess fat quickly and burn it off for good?

How to Get Rid of Arm Jiggle Fat?

Fat Loss First

Understand that, we cannot spot reduce fat. Meaning, we cannot just exercise one particular area of our body and lose fat there. You cannot do crunches to lose belly fat nor can you simply exercise your arms to get rid of the jiggle.

Obviously, exercise, especially resistance movements are a part of the solution but it is not the entirety of the equation for shredding through the excess fast.

One has to work through the stored fat that has accumulated on the body and it’s going to be reduced gradually across all areas of the body and not just underneath the arms.

As such, to lose all that underarm flab, we will need to create a caloric deficit each day until our body fat levels are low enough. The body needs to tap into its fat reserves in order to get rid of it, but won’t do so, if we keep stuffing too many calories into our body each day.

The simplest way to do this, is by using an online calculator to determine our maintenance caloric intake. This is the net amount of calories needed each day to stay at our current weight.

Once we have that number, we can begin reducing the intake by 300-500 calories each day. This creates a deficit and forces the body to have to use its fat reserves for energy.

Eat less, move more is obviously the standard issue diet advice. However, there are some fat loss methods which speed up the process on the dietary side of the equation:

Carb Backloading for Fat Loss

Carb Cycling to Torch Fat Faster

Workout Strategies for Arm Fat Loss

OK, we know that we need to reduce the body fat levels in order to tap into our arm fat reserves. Now, this can be accomplished solely through caloric restriction without weights. However, the arms will then, simply be skinny and lack any tone.

If one wants sexy and shapely arms once that excess has been banished, then it will require using resistance in order to gain muscle.

Don’t think that this ultimately leads to bulkiness, as probably every single female model nowadays, incorporates weight training into their physique building program.

Plus, gaining some muscle mass helps to keep fat off in the future by requiring more energy to be used by the body each day.

Hitting the Triceps

With the location of the arm fat, we will obviously want to add some muscle mass in that area, which is why we target the triceps.

My favorite exercise and the one that I have found to be most effective at building strength and size in the triceps, is the tricep pushdown.

This movement is done with a bar or rope, which really isolates the muscle with proper form (check out YouTube instructional videos to understand this movement correctly).

I keep my repetition range in 10-15 area and do 4-5 sets during the workout. To really stimulate the muscle, I pull down on the rope for about 1 second and then take 3-4 seconds to bring it back up to the starting position. This is really exhausting, but it supercharges your gains.

Other exercises to hit this area are: overhead tricep extensions and dips (either on a dip machine or using your own body weight).


Lifting weights is a great way to build muscle and tone your arms to give them that sexy look. However, it isn’t as effective at burning fat as cardiovascular exercise.

The thing is, one doesn’t need to go too extreme and do hours a day of cardio in order to lose fat. In fact, its pretty counterproductive, to achieving a simple goal.

Having one’s diet in order, makes it easy to do 15-45 minutes of cardio exercise (depending on the intensity) and still get that fat burning very quickly. Incline treadmill walking or even 10-15 minutes worth of sprints can be more than enough to get in shape without spending all day at the gym.

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