How Long to Lose Weight After Quitting Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can have many side effects (not all terrible, but a lot are), one of which is the weight gain that can occur due to excess caloric consumption. Beer, shots, mixers, and whatever else that goes into your drinks of choice can add a ton of extra empty calories to your diet…which adds pounds to your waistline. When you quit drinking, those pounds should start to come off. However, there’s still the question of how long it will take? How many weeks or months before you lose fat after quitting alcohol?



How Long Until You Lose Weight After Quitting Drinking Alcohol?

That depends on the caloric deficit, that is created.

Technically, once you’re in caloric deficit, it’s immediately (measured in a few ounces). The noticeable results, will take a few weeks. Really noticeable, in a month or two. 

For example, 1 can of beer will have around 150 calories (give or take). At 3 beers per night, you’d be at around 450 calories consumed.

Now, we are going to assume you’re not eating any more than usual, and you’re regular diet isn’t making you gain weight. We will figure this out, also, if that’s the case.

So, if one were to drink 3 beers everyday, that’s 3150 calories each week…or 12600 calories per month. There are 3500 calories in 1 lb of fat, so, one could expect to lose about 3.6 lbs in a month.

By the way, that’s fat loss. The total could be greater, with any additional water weight coming off.

Now, that’s just an estimate, and actual results may be more or less. When I gave up drinking soda as a teenager, I dropped around 15 lbs in a few months, without changing anything else. Not alcohol, but similar in sugar and caloric content.

At some point, the fat loss will plateau, when giving up drinking. That may be all you need to do to get lean again. For others of you, you could have more to lose or even gained weight, due to your eating/exercise habits.

So, if you quit drinking, there’s a good chance that at least some weight loss will occur over the span of 4-12 weeks. If you want to make sure it happens, want to be able to better predict and control the pace, I’ll lay out how below.


How to Find and Track the Right Pace

In order to lose excess fat, we need to know how many calories we are currently consuming, and how many we need to be consuming to be in a deficit.

There is a concept called ‘maintenance calories’, which tells us how many calories we need to consume, in order to keep our weight as it currently is.

Cutting alcohol is going to drop our weight below this current maintenance number. However, at some point, we will reach an equilibrium and the fat loss due to stopping drinking will cease.

To keep the fat loss going or to be able to properly track and get a solid estimate of the pace of weight loss…we need to subtract calories from that maintenance number.

We subtract calories, until our daily allotment is equal to what it will need to be in order to lose that 1-3 lbs per week. The good news? Thanks to technology, we can easily have these calculations done for us by fitness apps.

I personally use one called, My Net Diary Pro, on my iPhone. I simply type in my weight, age, height, and weight loss goal.

The app will then provide me an estimate, on how many calories I need to meet my goal. It is surprisingly accurate.

This app is used to track both your food (calories and nutrients) and exercise habits. The great thing is, once you’ve used a certain food and portion amount, the app saves that info to make it a simple few taps to use again in the future.

Tracking your results is key, as you will forget and lose track of things, over the months. This makes it super simple.


Need a Program to Lose the Extra Fat?

Making lifestyle and dietary changes, such as giving up alcohol, can go a long way towards getting rid of the excess body flab. In fact, it’s the most important aspect when trying to get into shape.

The next level, is the exercise portion. Not only for losing fat, but also just general health. It can be a great idea to replace a bad habit, with a healthier alternative, so long as you don’t go overboard and chase a new addiction.

I usually will go for long walks or use the bike to keep in decent enough shape. In addition to lifting weights.

However, when I really want to get lean. I always go back to using Visual Impact Cardio.

VI Cardio is an downloadable ebook program from fitness trainer, Rusty Moore. This is a program that I have come to love (and kind of hate, at times) because it can be such an intense calorie burning experience and something that really challenges me.

There are three 12 week levels from beginner to advanced. Each of these workout gets progressively more difficult and switches up between the longer steady state exercises and the shorter and more intense varieties.

All you have to do is follow the plan, make slight adjustments if need be, and keep your calories in line…and the belly fat will melt away.

Giving up drinking alone, will get you some results, but that’s going to vary based on another of other factors. If you want to follow a program to help maximize the fat loss, this is an absolutely awesome option.

It’s cool, if you already have a training protocol. You can still follow that and of course get results. This is something that you can step right into and give a try, to help try and breakup a plateau in results.

So, if you want an entire plan laid out for you, step by step. Go ahead and check out Visual Impact Cardio., using my link.

I do receive a commission, if you choose to buy. However, it doesn’t cost you any extra. Plus, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. So, try it out and if it doesn’t suit you, get a refund.

This is a program that I actually use and have done so for many years now. It works! It’s very affordable and you can get started right away.


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