Lose Side Fat Fast for Women

It is a common problem for people to have excess fat stored on their sides. Whether that be on the side of their hips, chest, back, love handles, or wherever. As such, it is also very common for women to be searching online for how to get rid of this side and other body fat.  What are the diet and exercise methods to lose the muffin top and other unsightly maladies?

How do You Get Rid of Side Fat?

No Spot Reduction

Understand that, wanting to lose fat exclusively on the sides of your body or any other specific part, isn’t actually achievable.  Meaning you cannot, for example, do exercises for your back and lose fat only on your back.

No, the burning of body fat occurs from all areas of the body, and it takes place as a gradual reduction. The fat on one’s sides will come off eventually, along with the fat stores on the legs, arms, etc.

This loss of excess flab will only take place with a regular caloric deficit. This means that you can workout as much as you want, but, if your diet still consists of consuming too many calories…the fat will still be there.

I’ve done this myself, multiple times. Where I was working out hard five times per week, but not caring much about diet. I basically stayed the same in terms of my fat levels.

Sure, I sometimes would gain muscle mass, and have better endurance while exercising. However, it was pretty much spinning my wheels with getting rid of the rolls on my body.

Losing the Side Fat

So, the most important aspect of torching body fat, is all about diet. Even more so, than exercising. Though, when done in conjunction with one another, the results can come quickly.

An easy number to start with is by setting the goal of losing two pounds per week. This is a healthy pace, that is both achievable and sustainable. Plus, it’s a good idea to set a base line target, and adjust from there.

How do we figure out how many calories we need? There are online calculators that can determine both your maintenance calories (how many to stay the same weight) and the pace needed to hit 2 lbs per week.

I, however, prefer using a fitness app on my phone. Personally, I use one called, My Net Diary. What I like about this, is that it’s calorie estimate for me losing fat has always been pretty dead on accurate.

I know that if I go over that total, I’m not going to lose any fat. Plus, it keeps track of my calories and meals, each day.

Saving the foods I eat, the portions, and the calories…making it a couple touches of the screen to save it all.

Once we have that caloric number to lose 2 lbs per week, we can then decide what method we are going to use to achieve it.

If one has trouble sticking to a diet, a gradual reduction to that number would be advisable.

For example, cutting the amount you eat by 100 calories each day until you reach the target, making it an easier transition into things instead of a sudden jump.

If one wants fast results…the fastest I’ve ever gotten lean has been by using either Carbohydrate Cycling or Carb Backloading. Is either necessary to lose side hip or belly fat? Of course not, those are just the methods that were fastest.


You can lose fat with just diet alone. However, exercise is both healthy for one’s body, and speeds up the process. Plus, you can eat more food, so long as the excess calories get burned off at the gym.

A mixture of weight lifting and cardiovascular workouts is the best method. You can do things like: Incline on the Treadmill or sprinting or cycling or whatever else you enjoy.

For me, the fastest fat loss came from doing my weight lifting routine and using Visual Impact Cardio. There are 3 eight week programs within that larger system, and while it’s really tough, it works extremely well.

I’ve successfully used it to lose over 30 lbs before and still use it to get leaner for the summer months.

Again, it’s challenging, but if one has access to a gym and doesn’t know where to start with creating a program; having Visual Impact Cardio can lay the whole thing out for you and keep you on track.