How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat in a Week

Having extra fat on the thighs, is a pretty common issue, that women face. This can be particularly true on the inner thighs. Flab gets stored and it can start to get that ‘cottage cheese’ look to it. Not cool. So, how can we quickly move to get rid of this inner thigh fat? Can it happen in only 7 days? What exercises can be done?


How Can You Lose Inner Thigh Fat in a Week?

There’s actually quite a bit to unpack from such a simple question.

First, I’d say to have realistic expectations. You can potentially reduce the amount of fat on the legs in a week, but get rid of excessive amounts? Not happening.

Think about it. The fat didn’t pop up over night and it’s going to take more than a week to lose it.

Why is that? Well, the main thing standing in your way, is that you cannot spot reduce. Meaning, you can’t pick one spot on the body to lose fat from in isolation.

Body fat gets burned off from stores around the body, as needed for biological function. Your body isn’t going to hone in on your inner thighs, to use solely as its energy source, as such all that fat isn’t going to burn off.

And no, doing a bunch of thigh-heavy exercises isn’t going to do it either. That’ll just work the muscle, not get rid of the layer of flab.


What’s the Solution?

One could lose 4-5 lbs of body weight in a week. Some of this will be water weight, muscle tissue, and some fat. A portion of that fat will be from the thighs, so, it will be reduced…but not by a lot. The rest will come from other areas.

The actual solution is to accept the current appearance of your body, begin implementing the changes necessary to lose fat, and see real results over a longer time frame than 7 days.

Almost everyone, wants to get things done as quickly as possible, when that’s not how the body works. You cannot change biology, to fit your whims.

Set a more realistic timetable. 4-16 weeks, should be sufficient for almost everybody, depending on how much fat there is that needs to come off. If this were a super quick process, more people would have results, because long-term consistency is harder to accomplish.

Keep in mind, that results will show up quicker than that, but the entire process of leaning out requires more time. It actually works out fairly well, as a 30% reduction is very noticeable visually.

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