How to Get Rid of Hip and Thigh Fat Fast

Fat gets stored all over the body, however, there are some areas in which more fat gets placed than others. For women, it is common to have larger fat stores on the hips, thighs, and butt; while men get more in the belly and love handles.

When a significant layer of flab parks itself on your hips, it is of course a question, as to how one can get rid of the excess quickly and reduce how large the hips appear visually. In this post, I want to explore, how we can lose to extra layers on the hips and thighs to create a more shapely figure.


How to Lose Hip and Thigh Flab?

It’s Not About That Fat, It’s About All Fat

People tend to zero in on specific parts of their bodies, where there is a significant amount of fat stored. Some folks are skinny fat, for example, and want to lose some weight on those problem spots.

However, that isn’t how fat loss works. The body doesn’t just decide to lose fat on the hips or thighs specifically, just because you exercise those areas.

That idea is known as spot reduction. It is the attempt to lose fat in one area, just by doing more exercise with those surrounding muscle groups. Doing this isn’t going to do very much of anything.

Instead, what needs to take place is a gradual reduction of total body fat, which will lower the amount of flab stored around the thighs.

Great. So, how do we accomplish this?

The Simple Formula, Made Simple

The old formula for fat loss: Calories in versus calories out, is absolutely true.

What make it difficult for people, is not knowing exactly how many calories their taking in, and often overestimating how much they are burning in the gym.

Diet is the most important aspect of losing fat. You can work out a lot, but if you’re still consuming more calories than you’re burning, you will at the very least spin your wheels in frustration.

Another common issue, is the lack of planning, and inability to mentally sick with a plan when there’s one in place. People tend to go all in with fat loss.

They exercise like crazy, cut their calories drastically, and then wonder why the result are temporary or they quit.

Well, if you’re tired all of the time, are you really going to stick with such a dramatic cut? Think about it. If you don’t exercise much and then go really hard at the gym, you’re going to be tired.

Beyond that, if you simultaneously cut your calories, you will have less energy to expend. You will be insanely tired.

Yet, people continually crash diet, and do other nonsense because a lack of patience.

Instead, go for a simpler, and more sustainable route. If you want to lose fat on the hips and thighs:

    • Figure your caloric needs. There are online calculators or apps, which will tell you how many calories you need to maintain the current weight, and how to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Use them.
    • Next, slowly reduce the calories, over a few weeks so your body can adapt to the new lower total. Until you hit the target caloric intake to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

  • Then, slowly ramp up the exercise, until you get to an ideal level for your schedule and that allows you to meet the target net caloric intake for the day.
  • Make small changes away from processed and other junk foods. Replace them with healthier nutritious options. It takes time to break bad habits, so, a slow reduction can help reduce the cravings you feel.
  • Stick with this until desired results achieved. At the new weight, you will have a new maintenance level of total calories each day. To stay this new size, that is what your total intake will need to be around (after you account for calories burned through exercise).

Simple enough? Well, that’s really all it takes. If you want to shape the booty and thighs, that will require weight lifting exercises, which I cover: Bikini Model Booty. But for just losing fat, it is a really simplistic process, you just need to make it easy to stick to.

What About Workouts?

I do weights and cardio workouts. The cardio program that I use is called, Visual Impact Cardio.

It’s not an easy program, it can be difficult to get through at times. Though, it gives you three separate 8 week cardio programs to easy follow along with. Having everything laid out for you step by step, gives you one less thing to worry about.

It’s what I use when I’m in fat burning mode and I enjoy the challenge and results, that I get. It does cost money, but it’s quite inexpensive $37, as of writing. Plus, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, if you don’t like it.


If you want to do your own workouts, during this month…do try to throw in a rest day. At least, mix up the cardio, so you aren’t going hard every single day. For instance, throw in walking or walking on an incline instead of running.

Trying to go hard for a month straight, is utterly exhausting. So, there are days when you’ll want to pull back. Don’t do heavy running or weight lifting, on a daily basis, it’ll burn you out.

Just stick to the diet and keep in that caloric deficit. Again, you don’t need to overdo, any aspect of this. Just set a reasonably aggressive pace and stick to it.

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