How Long Does it Take to Lose Inner Thigh Fat?

Fat gets stored all over the body, but, we all as individuals have certain areas which really seem to pack on the pounds. For many women their thighs, particularly the inner part, seems to be a magnet for storing much of their excess weight. So, how do we get rid of this fat? And how long does it take to slim down a problem zone? Can we reduce this leg flab in a week? A month?

How Much Time to Burn Thigh Fat?

The question as to how long it will take to lose the flab on the inner thighs, is dependent on how much fat is currently stored over this area AND the rest of the body.

Even if one is trying to lose the excess fat, specifically stored on the thighs, this loss will come with a gradual reduction of overall body fat. Meaning, you cannot simply spot reduce and exercise your legs to get rid of the flab.

Some women may have 20 extra pounds on their bodies, other women may have 40 or more. Some may have 5-10 extra pounds to burn off, and can get rid of the bit on their legs, within a month.

I would, however, give up expectations of burning off the excess and sliming within a week. This is a process and there aren’t any ‘miracle’ cures.

A good weight loss pace, is 1-3 lbs per week. Sure, it is possible to hit 5-6 lbs in a week, within a short window.

However, it isn’t sustainable over months, unless serious obesity is involved. 5+ lbs for the typical overweight person, is going to be too hard of a pace, and probably quite unhealthy.

So, in order to slim down the inner thighs, an overall body fat reduction needs to happen.

For most women, the entire process should take 2-4 months. Depending on the amount of fat, and the pace, the fat loss plan sets. It sounds like a long period of time, but keep in mind, you can see noticeable changes to your physique in under a month.

Those changes are a great motivator, to finish the plan, and develop those slimmed down legs. A 10 lb loss, can have quite an impact on how one looks, and the number of inches the tape measure reads on the waist and thighs.

Even a few days in, when the diet program is on point, you can still see some visible results. Now, will it be astonishing results? No, but signs of progress will definitely be welcome.

The thighs and rest of the legs can be problem areas. Though, within a relatively short time frame, there should be significant loss of fat in this area. Thus giving the appearance of more toned legs, which can be further shaped through weights and cardio exercises.

Where to Start with Fat Loss to Slim the Thighs?

The absolute baseline of where to begin, is to know your current caloric needs at this weight. Use a calorie calculator or fitness app, to get this estimated number.

From there, the app can tell you about how many net calories you need each day, to hit a 1-3 lb weight loss per week.

The easiest way to do it, is by using the fitness app to track what you eat each day, and be mindful of how many calories you’re getting. If you hit the target numbers, you will lose fat, and the thighs will begin to slim down.

Sticking to the new restricted calorie total can be tough at first. This is why it might be a good idea to add 1-2 weeks of transitioning down to that number.

It can be difficult to immediately cut a number of calories, while being on a fitness routine. However, it isn’t hard at all, to make a simple change each day.

For example, not having that piece of cheese, or not drinking alcohol, soda, or other calorie heavy drink.

The process is very simple, it just requires consistency. So, even if you mess up one day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get back on track and stick with it.

Results will come with time, but make adjustments, as you need to; so that, you can keep the fat loss pace. The legs will continue to hold elevated amounts of fat until the process is completed, but they will look slimmer and healthier, only a few weeks in.

It really does boil down to a math problem of calories in vs. calories out. I know, I know, it can sound overly simplistic but the formula absolutely works. The reason why most people fail? They don’t actually follow a measurable plan.

Technology makes this part super simple. Tap a few buttons, stay within the parameters of your personal plan, and have patience. Days turn into weeks which turn into months. Suddenly, that stored fat is gone.

The goal isn’t to go on extreme and unsustainable diet. Yes, those can ‘work’, but people usually bounce their weight right back up as soon as the diet is over. Actually learning about portions and how your body reacts, will give you a long term ability to shape you body, as you desire.

What About Exercises for the Inner Thighs?

Again, doing exercises isn’t going to burn fat directly off of the legs. Exercise is a great way to burn extra calories, but the body will draw this energy from storage (or what is immediately available), all over the entire physique.

Now, if one wants to build muscle to ‘tone’ and ‘shape’ the thighs, then weights and cardio is the way to do it.

However, one can simply drop the fat through diet alone, and doesn’t ‘need’ to exercise to accomplish that. Note: Exercise is of course, better for overall health, etc.

The process itself, is actually easier when you do include cardio or weight lifting. Burning more calories throughout the day, allows you to consume a bit more food, than without exercise.

Trust me, having the room for some more calories, can be a huge psychological boost. It make things feel way less restrictive.

But how can you utilize cardio for losing thigh fat?

Any sort of cardiovascular workouts can help lose fat. So long as you’re in that caloric deficit, the fat will come off.  Can some cardio make fat come off quicker and speed up the process? Yes, I find that a mix of higher intensity intervals and some steady state cardio, is great for fat loss.

The program that I use is called Visual Impact Cardio. by fitness trainer, Rusty Moore.  If you want an entire cardio workout planned out, step by step, month by month, this is a very effective yet challenging one.

It is a solid mix of longer cardio sessions and more intense interval training. There are 3, eight week levels, from beginner to advanced. I usually only need to go through one of the eight week programs, to get lean, though.

I use this program, whenever I need to get rid of extra body fat, and it works well consistently.

The individual workouts of VI Cardio, make burning calories easy, and my endurance improves greatly over the course of the program. It is intense and the workouts are 4-5 days per week, but it absolutely helps to melt off the inner thigh and other fat, when paired with a consistent diet.

Also, I like the fact that I burn so many calories, that I can eat more food and still be in a deficit. That can be huge psychologically, after weeks of being completely disciplined with your eating habits.

If you want to try that out, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and costs only $37 (currently). It’s an ebook, so, you download it and can get started right away. Again, this is if you want a plan completely laid out for you, that you just follow.

Check out the link, for Rusty’s full break down of what the program entails, and his methodology for fat loss:


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