How Long Does it Take to Lose Hip Fat?

Hip and thigh fat can be problematic for many women. This area of the body tends to accumulate and store the excess fat, that your body gains from, too many calories and/or lack of exercise. But how does one get rid of the hip fat? Not only that, how long will it take for the process to be complete?

How Long Does it Take to Lose Hip Fat?

The answer to that question is going to vary from person to person. Unless, you are very overweight, you can probably expect to lose 1-3 lbs of body weight per week.

However, you must also consider that, the fat loss is not going to come exclusively from the hips. It will be a reduction of body fat stores, from the entire body, including the hips.

So, 1-3 lbs per week in totality. Now, how long the hips will take to slim down, is going to depend on your overall body fat total. For most women, I’d say it’ll take in the 6-12 week range, to reach their target goals.

That is of course, if they stick to a plan, and do everything correctly. Also, don’t be discouraged by the time frame, as you will see plenty of progress along the way. Especially, once you get past the first month, the results become quite noticeable visually.

What About Exercises for the Hips for Fat Loss?

You can certainly exercise the hip flexors, the booty, and thighs to build strength, muscle, and help burn excess calories. However, spot reduction will not occur.

Like I wrote above, fat loss will come from all of your body’s storage, and not just the hips…no matter how many hip related exercises you do.

Workout for strength, muscle building, heart health, and burning calories. But understand that, it is still going to take time, along with diet, to get those hips looking fantastic.

Exercises like hip abductions or similar movements like clams (with exercise bands), can help strengthen the hip flexors and the sides of the booty which can help with the shape of one’s figure.

When I’m in fat loss mode, I use a conjunction of weights and cardio, to go along with my diet. The latter, is the key to the whole thing. However, exercise definitely helps out.

The cardio program that I use is called, Visual Impact Cardio.

It’s a rather difficult program, especially if you go above the beginner’s level. Though, it’s one of three 8 week program options that are included.

It’s not necessary, just an amazing tool to have when you one a step by step plan to put into action immediately. 

It’s what I use when I’m getting lean and I enjoy the challenge and results, that I get. It does cost money, but it’s quite inexpensive $37, as of writing. Plus, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, if you don’t like it.



How to Lose Fat with Diet

Fat loss is actually a very simple formula. Unfortunately, many people no longer have a sense of patience, and want a quick fix for everything. The fat didn’t appear overnight, so don’t expect it to be gone in such a time frame, either.

First, one needs to establish what their maintenance calories are. These are the amount of calories you need to consume each day, in order to maintain your current size. Once we have this number, we can begin to subtract for fat loss.

How you can get this number, is also super simple. Either go online for a calorie calculator, or better still, download a fitness tracking app. The app will not only give you the maintenance calorie number, but will also calculate, how many calories you need each day to lose that 1-3 pounds per week.

All you need to do on your end is: type in your foods and portions (takes less than 5 minutes a day), stick within that caloric range, and have patience. Of course, I would recommend exercise to help make things even easier, but I know not everyone will.

That’s it. Just do that and the fat will come off. You do need to be accurate with your food entries each day, but it will work.

If for some reason, within two weeks, no fat loss has occurred…then, you may need to adjust the calories down or make sure you’re actually putting in the correct number of calories into the calculator.