Incline Treadmill Walking for Losing Belly Pooch Fat?

So, the belly pooch won’t seemingly go away will it? Seemingly, even with a lot of effort put in, ladies still will struggle with getting rid of a fat gut plastered across their midsections. Is there a way to get rid of the pooch quickly and chisel out a sexy flat tummy?

Why, yes, there is indeed. One aspect of the methodology is to utilize cardiovascular exercise in order to induce fat loss and a great exercise to start with is walking on a treadmill. However, this isn’t just your average flat surface stroll, we need to take it to a higher level.

Treadmill Walking for Fat Loss

Before the Exercise

It is very important to note, that no matter how much exercise one does, it’s not going to amount to a hill of beans without proper diet.

If one is still overeating, they will simply be spinning their wheels, when trying to lose fat. They may develop better physical endurance with just the exercise, but the pooch will remain.

I know, I know, I love eating a ton of food too. Trust me, I’ve tried to outwork a bad diet, and didn’t get much for my efforts. Sure, I could gain muscle mass, and have better conditioning…but my belly and love handles were sill quite present.

Diet without a doubt is the most important aspect of this. It’s actually a good thing, because the food doesn’t have to be awful, when cutting fat.

Plus, having one’s diet in order, means less time spent in the gym because you don’t have to try to overcome all of the excess calories.

The first step is to use an online calculator or phone app to establish one’s maintenance caloric intake. Meaning, the amount of net calories ingested each day in order to keep your weight the same as it currently is.

The second step, is to begin to consistently hit lower than that number, by utilizing exercise and proper eating habits. A good place to be is in a 300-500 calorie daily deficit for fat loss. This ensures, a gradual and healthy pace, that is sustainable.

Too many people try to go to extremes with caloric restrictions or over-exercising and make getting into shape unbearable and unhealthy. Thus, they fail to achieve their goals. Why be miserable and fail at the same time?

Here are a few posts on fat loss diet strategies:

Using the Treadmill to Shred Fat

A leisurely walk, actually is great exercise, and really relaxing. However, it does take a lot of time to burn through many calories with a light stroll. Heck, even at my size, as a man…I still will only burn 360 calories in an hour of 3.5 mph walking. Which is great, but that’s a lot of time to commit to, when you’re busy.

One great way to modify this most basic of exercises, is to use the incline function on a treadmill, in order to kick up the calorie torching a few notches.

The benefits of incline walking or even stair stepping, not only comes in the form of more calories burned in a shorter amount of time, but also helping to shape the muscles of the legs and buns.

Most modern treadmills incline up to 15%, which at that level burns an insane amount of calories.

However, in my experience, staying at the high level for too long isn’t very comfortable and puts a lot of stress on the joints. Sure, I’ll bump it up to that level for a few minutes at a time, but not the entire session.

An ideal range seems to be in the 8-12% area, which gives you that bit of extra booty work, as well as the lipid loss we want to get rid of that excess tummy pooch.

One thing that I like to do is to start off walking at zero and bump it up by 1% incline, each minute, and then head back down to zero. This will take 30 minutes to do, if one continues to the maximum incline.

However, if you feel too much strain on your joints, don’t go as high and just work up to a range that gets the blood pumping but not to where is produces undue strain.

With proper diet, the 15-30 minute range will do just fine for fat loss. For extra caloric loss or cardio benefits, one can also take it to 45 minutes. More than that is usually not necessary, as the eating habits should be reigned in to the point that insanely long workouts become a thing of the past.

How Much Cardio to Flatten Stomach for Ladies?

When trying to achieve that fitness model look of defined yet feminine muscularity, a great booty, and an amazing set of abs, the question naturally arises as to how much cardio should a woman do? Of course, no amount of cardio will get you to your end goal without the right nutrition and weight lifting program to do most of the proverbial (and literal) heavy lifting to create fantastic results. What is the answer in terms of cardio? Well, that will depend on how much fat currently resides on top of the muscle and how much time one has to work with.


How Much Cardio To Lose Fat and Flatten Tummy?

The quick answer is enough cardio to burn off the fat that diet and weight lifting aren’t quite taking care of on their own. A good rule is to aim to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week, otherwise, you are probably just losing muscle mass…which ain’t a good thing, as you’ll also lose you shape and burn fewer calories throughout the day.

If one has significant amounts of fat to lose, then losing more than 2 lbs per week is definitely doable without causing harm.

Excessive cardio can screw up much of the work you have put forth in the weigh room and is unnecessary if you have your diet in order. That should be the first focus, slowly pulling away the unhealthy foods from your diet, and sticking within a set calorie range that is appropriate for your current size and ultimate goals.

Trust me when I say that, if you don’t have your diet in order, the cardio isn’t going to work in stripping the fat away (at least beyond the very beginning) and at best you’ll just stagnate in your gains.

I’m certainly not opposed to doing longer and slower cardio sessions. In fact, I sometimes find it preferable to doing shorter duration exercise, such as sprints. Grabbing my headphones or Kindle to get some reading done and walking for an hour on the treadmill or for 40 minutes or so with an incline.

Diet is Key to Losing Flab

Yes, this type of cardio can indeed produce six pack abs and a great and tight midsection. But again, the diet is going to determine your results…burning 500 calories doesn’t do much to your physique if you go over you caloric limit for the day because you indulge in some post-workout cake, cookies, and the like.

One simple way that I estimate how many net calories (after you subtract the calories burned from working out) is multiplying my weight by 10-12. Usually, I like to multiply by 12 at the start and then drop it down to 11 as I move along, because I feel that 10 is too low for my purposes.

I usually keep it at 2000 net calories a day, once I’ve gotten deep into the diet (as a man at an above average height and weight) and don’t drop much below that, as going too low can be very unhealthy and screw with you hormone production.

I also like to change things up from the slow and steady state cardio by doing things like sprints or intervals of 2-3 minutes at 75% of max effort followed by a few minutes of rest. I may do this type of thing for 30 minutes or so following my weight lifting routine, if I had one scheduled for that day.

So, you can see that the amount of cardio varies from day to day. I like to start out with 3 days per week at the beginning of my fat loss diet and then gradually bump that up to 5 days per week, so that I don’t have to keep cutting calories or go through some unhealthy or crazy low period that isn’t sustainable.

The 5 day per week thing is only kept up for a month or two max, before I drop it back down to let my body recover, or once I’ve achieved my ideal look for that particular cutting cycle.

What’s a good Cardio Program to Get Rid the Belly?

I usually do cardio year round for health, anyway. So, I do like to take long walks, and whatnot because it makes me feel better.

However, when I really want to get lean. I always go back to using Visual Impact Cardio.

VI Cardio is an downloadable ebook program from fitness trainer, Rusty Moore. I love using it because it’s both a challenge and really shreds that fat with its calorie burning cardio workouts.

There are three 12 week levels from beginner to advanced. Each of these workout gets progressively more difficult and switches up between the longer steady state exercises and the shorter and more intense varieties.

All you have to do is follow the plan, make slight adjustments if need be, and keep your calories in line…and the belly fat will melt away.

So, if you want an entire plan laid out for you, step by step. Go ahead and check out Visual Impact Cardio., using my link.

I do receive a commission, if you choose to buy. However, it doesn’t cost you any extra. Plus, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. So, try it out and if it doesn’t suit you, get a refund.

This is a program that I actually use and have done so for many years now. It works! It’s very affordable and you can get started right away.


Best Cardio to Lose Love Handles Fast?

Love handles can be a pain to get rid of for many women. It’s an easy place to store fat and can often be one of the last places to lose it, when getting lean. Naturally, there are all types of workouts or other measure to try and lose the flab on the love handles or around the rest of the waist. But what is the most effective cardiovascular workout to do so? How do we burn off this muffin top ingredient, fast?



Why Diet is More Important, Than the Cardio Exercise for Fat Loss

Yes, both ingredients are good to have. The thing is, it really doesn’t matter how much one exercises, if you are consuming too many calories…the fat isn’t going anywhere.

As such, we need to start at a baseline, and figure out how many calories we need to stay at our current size.

Then, we need to calculate the appropriate caloric deficit to be at, in order to lose fat. Our net calories (total calories after subtracting what we burned during the workout) needs to consistently be in range, in order to shred fat.

How do we get this number? The easiest way, is to download an app on your phone or other device, that will calculate the numbers for you. All you need to do, is input what you eat, and how many calories you’re burning with exercise.

We should set a target loss of about 1-3 lbs per week, until the fat covering the love handles has been reduced. This is a very solid pace, and there might be a week or two at the start, which is faster…but it’ll usually fall back into the 1-3 lb range.

Don’t neglect the numbers. Taking a few minutes each day to figure this stuff out, can be the difference between getting to your goal, and failing miserably.

Believe me, it’s not too fun doing a heavy workout for 3-5 days out of the week, and seeing no fat loss because you’re eating too much.

The good news is, with workouts we can eat a bit more food and still meet our caloric goals.

What’s the Best Cardio Workout to Quickly Lose Love Handles?

A good cardio workout should be:

  • Challenging
  •  Cultivate Endurance
  •  Burn Sufficient Calories
  •  Allows room for a less strict diet
  •  Train your body in a variety of ways

Now, I want to be clear, that you can lose fat doing any type of cardio. So long as your calories are in order, the flab on the love handles, will burn off.

As such, if you want to just walk or peddle a stationary bike or swim or whatever else…you can and you’ll drop weight.

However, if we’re talking about the best or more accurately, most effective cardio workout; we will have to take a different approach.

When I want to lose fat, there’s only one cardio program that I use. Yes, I might just walk on certain days, when I feel that I need a rest. BUT, my program of choice is Visual Impact Cardio.

Visual Impact is a fat loss protocol designed by trainer, Rusty Moore. It is delivered to one’s email, as an ebook, which let’s you get started immediately.

How does it work? Well, there are three 8 week levels, from Beginner to Advanced. Though, you won’t necessarily need to go through all of the levels to lose the fat.

For me, I can often get lean enough, within a single 8 week program. It might take a few weeks longer, depending on how lazy I’ve been, with diet.

For example, I’ll do the entire Intermediate program and then, do a few weeks of the Advanced if necessary. The Advanced program is designed to be done for a short-time only…it’s really intense and exhausting.


Are the workouts difficult? Yes, they can be. They progressively get more difficult, as the weeks move forward. Some days, you may have to do a steady state day (cardio for a certain amount of time, at a set pace).

Then, it will be some crazy intervals, followed by an optional steady state period. Each level has 4-5 workouts per week, with just enough time for recovery.

Why does Visual Impact Cardio work so well? The intensity and the variety of workouts, I’d say. It’s designed to specifically burn fat and it does a damn good job at it.

Rusty Moore breaks down the reasoning behind each type of workout and gives you an easy to follow calendar of progressive workouts.

In order to do this program, you will need access to cardio equipment. But, you are able to do the workouts on any machine, from treadmill to elliptical to stair stepper.

As of now, it is $37 to purchase Visual Impact Cardio. It does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Meaning, you get 60 days to let the results speak for themselves.

I’ve been utilizing this program for years, to really help accelerate my fat loss, and get lean quickly. Again, it has to be paired with an effective diet plan, but when combined it torches the flab.

Go ahead and give it a shot, if you want a plan laid out for you, step by step. Just follow along with the schedule, rest when needed, and lose those love handles.




Best Cardio to Lose Muffin Top?

The muffin top is a common enemy for a lot of women, looking to lose fat. It hangs off of the front, sides, and back of the torso; and can seem as if it, it will never be gotten rid of. However, that’s not true, and this excess flab can indeed be lost. But, what’s the best kind of cardio workout to get rid of this body fat?



What’s the Best Cardio Workout to Get Rid of Muffin Top?

Before we get into workouts, let’s talk about diet. I know, most folks least favorite topic, but a very important one nonetheless. It’s absolutely crucial, if you want to get rid of the weight around the midsection.

Exercise without a caloric deficit, only serves to build things like speed and endurance, but it doesn’t burn fat. You can do cardio daily, but if you aren’t keeping the calories in check, you’ll still have the muffin top.

This is why it can be a critical part of one’s plan, to effectively track their calories. With a fitness app, you can get a baseline number (to stay at the same weight), and a daily target number of calories (to lose fat).

Consistently hit the number to lose fat and the excess saddlebags, will melt off. Don’t do it, and you’ll just be in the gym a lot, without making any real progress in terms of losing fat.


Cardio for Muffin Top Fat Loss

If you’re in a caloric deficit, any cardio will actually help you lose fat. Fat is made up of calories, so if you’re burning calories, you’ll lose fat.

However, is there cardio that will help make the process go faster? I have found for myself, that a mixture of different speeds and lengths of time, is super effective. Not only in losing the fat, but also, keeping my interest.

The program that I use to shred fat is called Visual Impact Cardio. by fitness trainer, Rusty Moore.  I bought this program years ago, so that, I could have an entire program laid out for me. I wanted to just look at a schedule and know that today, I have to do, ‘X workout for Y amount of time’.

No need to think (outside of allowing extra days for rest, when needed) and just go with the program.

I keep coming back to it, time after time, because it is so effective. VI Cardio can be quite intense, but it burns a ton of calories, and the workouts switch things up. Not only do I get rid of a bunch of fat,  but my endurance and running speed also increase.

Here is my initial results from the program and more info about it, from years back, if you’re interested: VI Cardio Results


You don’t need to follow a program like that. However, you should find a workout of your own, which you enjoy doing.

You can do higher intensity cardio on an elliptical machine, some days. While others, you may want to go for a long walk. Or even, throw in some swimming.

Outside of using VI Cardio, I tend to do longer walking sessions on the treadmill. I can throw in some incline, to get my caloric burn, even higher. It’s really nice to just throw on some music or an audio book and let go for  30-60 minutes.

I also like to do one day per week, where I sprint. I find that it really engages, all of my muscles, and I really feel awesome afterwards. It’s a pretty exhausting effort, so I tend to sleep great, that night.

Your cardio can be almost anything. Just be consistent. Have a set number of days, that you want to do it (3-5), and make sure you’re not overestimating how many calories you’re burning.

Here’s an example week, that I might do, if I were using a treadmill and not doing VI Cardio workouts:

Day 1: Walking 4.0 mph, 7.5% average incline, for 40 minutes

Day 2: Walking 60 minutes 4.0 mph, 0% incline

Day 3: Treadmill Sprints. 2 minutes jogging warm up. 10x 30-60 second sprints (9.0-12.0 mph), followed by walking for 20 minutes.

Day 4: Repeat day 1

That’s just a really basic example. You can slow down the pace, to your own level, or not use a treadmill at all.

Just find something that you can get yourself to do, consistently. Try to make it fun for yourself or just bring some entertainment along, so you’re not getting bored, and stick with it.


Best Cardio to Lose Lower Back Fat?

Back fat can be a problem for many women to get rid of. Particularly, the fat which gets stored on the lower back, and in the so-called love handles. It is sometimes fairly stubborn, but is there a workout to lose this extra flab? What kind of cardio can be done to lose this weight and create a lean looking back?


What’s the Best Cardio Workout to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat?

Before we break into, what is an effective cardio workout to lose fat, I want to point out that all of this is useless if you don’t have your diet in order.

I’ve done a ton of cardio exercise in the past, when not tracking my calories. 30+ days later, I was still around the same weight, and fat composition. Sometimes, even more.

That’s fine, if you were like me, and not trying to get rid of fat at that time. However, it can be all too common to see women spinning their wheels, trying to out exercise bad eating habits. You cannot.

You need to have an idea about your caloric requirements daily and what level of deficit you need to be in; so that you’re actually losing fat.

I use an app called MyNetDiary to track this info and get estimates for calories. There are plenty of other smart phone apps and online fitness trackers, which can get you the correct numbers.

This is really important, otherwise, that fat isn’t going anywhere. A consistent caloric deficit, is the only way of making it happen. You’ll just be doing all this work for no results.

Cardio Workouts

The fact of the matter is, that any cardio exercise, can make you lose fat (so long as you’re in a caloric deficit).

Can some speed up the process? Sure, I find that a mix of higher intensity intervals and some steady state cardio, is great for fat loss.

The program that I use is called Visual Impact Cardio. by fitness trainer, Rusty Moore.  If you want an entire plan laid out for you, step by step, this is a very effective yet challenging one.

It is a solid mix of longer cardio sessions and more intense interval training. There are 3, eight week levels, from beginner to advanced. I usually only need to go through one of the eight week programs, to get lean, though.

I use this, whenever I need to drop some extra flab, and it works time and time again.

VI Cardio really burns through a ton of calories and my endurance improves greatly over the course of the program. It is intense and the workouts are 4-5 days per week, but it absolutely sheds the lower back and other fat, when paired with a consistent diet.

Also, I like the fact that I burn so many calories, that I can eat more food and still be in a deficit. That can be huge psychologically, after weeks of being completely disciplined with your eating habits.

If you want to try that out, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and costs only $37 (currently). It’s an ebook, so, you download it and can get started right away. Again, this is if you want a plan completely laid out for you, that you just follow.

Check out the link, for Rusty’s full break down of what the program entails, and his methodology for fat loss:


Do you need to follow that? No, but how much cardio exercise you will need to do, will be determined by how restrictive you are going to make your diet.

If you want to just walk 3-5 times per week, you can do so. Keep in mind, that walking on a flat surface, doesn’t burn a ton of calories. As such, you need to be careful not to overestimate, how many calories you’re actually burning off.

Personally, I’d throw in a couple more intense workouts per week, on whatever machine I wanted to. So, if I were walking on Monday. I might do short 30-60 second sprints on Tuesday, followed by a walk as a cool down.

That way, I could keep my body guessing, and seeing more improvements along the way. Sprinting and high intensity stuff, does seem to be the most effective for fat loss, but it is also taxing and the intensity needs to be lowered on other days.