What Exercises Lift Your Buttocks?

A sagging and/or flat butt can be a problem for many people. The aesthetics of it are unappealing and when women see themselves in bikinis, jeans, or whatever other outfits a nice booty would accentuate; they may begin to wonder how they can fix it and lift that buttocks up higher and tighter.

Is it possible? Yes, of course. However, it does require work over a period of time, to be effective. This isn’t an exercise once and its amazing looking, kind of a process. So, what are some exercises for women that’ll lift the butt?


Lifting Booty Exercises

So, in this post I am going to list some things that can be added to workouts, which will increase the size and shape the booty. Now, to see how to properly perform each exercise, please visit YouTube to watch video instruction.

You will need proper form for it to work and so that no injuries occur. Reading text can be difficult to visualize what good form actually looks like.

Hip Thrusts– A lot of people would say that squats are the most effective butt building exercise and it is very good. However, hip thrusts directly target the glutes, while squats can over-emphasize the quads for some people.

This is probably the best weighted exercise that you can do to build up a great butt. As it is, both challenging, and hones in on the area we want to improve.

Squats– As I said, squats are a fantastic way to build both the butt and the legs. The great thing about squats, is that you can hit the muscles in different ways based on the stance and depth that you hit, while performing the exercise.

Step-Ups– You will need an elevated platform or a sturdy plyo box, to perform this movement. But, it can be a fantastic addition to any routine. You essentially hold dumbbells in each hand while stepping up onto a higher platform, working the whole leg from the knee up in the process. Yes, it also hits the glute muscles, quite effectively.

Glute Bridges– You can start this exercise without weight and get some results, but with a barbell (or the dumbbell variation), this is a very effective way to target the butt. It is sort of the same movement as the hip thrust, except that, you’re on the ground and the range of motion is more limited.

Lunges– This is a very popular exercise for getting booty gains, but also one that people often perform incorrectly. People will get themselves into an ineffectual position and not hit the muscle properly, or can even, put their knee ligaments under undue stress by being out of position. Make sure that you have the form down, before adding weights, to this exercise.

Leg Press– Squats can be more effective overall. Though, the leg press is great, because it allows for a controlled movement. Plus, different foot positions and a greater depth for most people, can allow women to really target the glute muscles.

Ok, so these are just a smattering of exercise ideas, to help lift and shape the buttocks. There are seemingly infinite varieties and other exercises, which can accomplish our goal of getting a great butt.

The key is consistency and not over training. Remember, you don’t need to do this on a daily basis, and can actually be counterproductive to reaching the look that you want.

Hard training twice per week of this area, is more than enough to achieve a great looking rear end.

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