How to Work the Underbutt at Home

One of the more popular ‘problem areas’ on their physiques that many women want to work on is the so-called underbutt. The gluteal fold where the glutes meet the upper part of the hamstring and in fact, tie-in. Now, in order to lose the cellulite fat or just excess fat stores in this area requires a mix of proper diet and exercise. Having access to a gym would be preferable, as the weights and variety of equipment, makes shaping the booty just a matter of using what’s readily available. However, we can also learn to workout from home with no and/or minimal equipment necessary.



How to Shape the Underbutt at Home


The absolute best way to attack the excess fat around one’s hips, butt, and just body in general is by manipulating caloric intake and the types of foods one eats.

Yes, exercise helps to shape things, but great physiques are made through diets. Heck, I’ve had times in the past in which I worked out almost everyday (like a lot), and while I gained muscle…my fat levels really didn’t change much. I could lose a bit of fat, but it wasn’t until I implemented a tighter diet, did I really see dramatic changes in my body.

Now, there are obviously, a ton of different diets from healthy ones to crazy fad diets. Though, the basic aspect of it is, to find out your daily caloric requirements, and subtract calories slowly from that total. This baseline is how many calories each day your body needs in order to maintain its current weight.

Slowly reducing that number, makes it super simple to stick to a plan, and stave off any extreme feelings of hunger or specific cravings. This will lead to a consistent fat loss (including the area of the underbutt) even without any specific changes in exercise habits.

I’ve already written about specific dietary fat loss strategies, including one on: Carb Cycling for Fast Fat Loss

Building the Underbutt at Home

Making this area of the body look good, really requires making the booty ‘pop’, and having some nicely developed legs. Particularly, the hamstrings.

Can we achieve this without weights? Certainly. However, I will say, that while we wouldn’t necessarily need heavy barbells; having access to strength bands and/or a set of dumbbells would be very helpful in developing gains.


Exercises for Developing the Underbutt

Let’s look at some cardio exercises that can be used to get the booty and legs up to speed:

Jump Rope

The old standby of jumping rope, is not only an insane fat burner, but also an exercise that can really develop the legs. The cardio aspect is made more difficult when you actually have a jump rope in hand, but the exercise can still be done without a physical rope. Just do the motion as if it were present.


Sprints are a great cardio method for adding shape, though, you’ll need to go outside to perform this exercise. Even with a few sessions a week, sprinting will develop the butt and the hamstring area, and help to give that nice aesthetic look to the underbutt.


Another non-gym option, but requires access to stairs or stadium bleachers. Running stairs or ‘stadiums’ really targets the thighs and the butt, notably the lower buttock area. I know, this isn’t an ‘at home’ exercise for most people, but there are still some of you who will have access to a place where you can add this to the mix.


Resistance Exercises

Squats, lunges, hip thrusts are all weighted exercises that should be done in the gym to really hammer the muscles that we want to target. While weighted barbell squats would be the most effective method, we can still implement bodyweight squats or even dumbbell squats for a good amount of resistance.

The key for proper development with body weight exercises is to really focus on performing the movement with the right depth and getting a good squeeze in the muscle. You cannot hope to get good results, by half-assing it.

So, bodyweight or dumbbell variations of squats and lunges will be a staple of any of these booty workouts.

Also, in lieu of being able to do weighted hip thrusts, we could engage in hip raises (bridges). This is a good movement to incorporate and one I use to help with lower back pain all of the time.

Do a web search for full demo videos on all of these movements, so you can get to see them performed properly. Also, look into various yoga poses and stretches for additional work on the underbutt and surrounding areas.



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