How to Get a Bikini Fitness Model Booty

For fitness queries, I think that in the male space a lot of emphasis is placed on the abdominals and how to get those ‘six pack abs’. For women, however, there is a ton of focus on the butt.

How to get that Instagram famous booty and the interest in this topic has seemingly exploded over the past 5 years, especially. The social media age has catapulted many women to famous heights based on their figure.

Big and round rear ends, get a ton of likes and suddenly there are large groups of women wanting to become bikini fitness models or IG stars with millions of followers.

As such, the question has become, how do I get a great bikini model booty without surgery, through exercise?


Getting that Fitness Model Butt

Do I need to work the booty out everyday?

Certainly not. In fact, it will be counterproductive to achieving the goal of having a bubble butt. Your glutes are muscles and while they can handle a lot of effort being place on them each day (walking, etc.), they do need rest to recover and grow.

So, while weight lifting sessions are absolutely critical for gaining size and shape in the posterior, doing it everyday is a waste of time. You’ll just spin your tires for months without any results.

Instead, focus on a lower body workout 2 times per week, and throw in a 3rd day every few weeks just to hit it hard again.

Take 36-48 hours of rest in between those workouts for the lower body and utilize the time in between to focus on the rest of your body or taking a complete rest day.

Exercise through increased muscle mass

We don’t need to work the butt, hips, and legs everyday. However, we do still need to work them in order to get results. This is where weight lifting comes in. The muscles need to be put under stress, so that the body can repair and grow the muscle tissue. Thus, increasing the size of the butt.

I have found that I get the most muscle growth when I work my way up to 4-5 sets of each exercise in the 8-12 rep range. Not super heavy weight, but enough to crank out those reps with proper form.

This high volume approach is something that needs to be worked up to and I might limit the high volume routine to once per week.

The other day, might be higher reps and lower weights and sets or a higher weight day with low reps and 2-3 sets. Just depends on how my body feels. Experiment with things for yourself, to find your groove.

How do we accomplish this? Through targeted exercise on a consistent basis. What are some exercises that grow the glutes?

I’m going to list each exercise here. However, you do need to learn proper form to not only avoid injury but also to really work the muscles and get the type of results you’re looking for. I would recommend looking up videos for these exercises on YouTube, to truly understand the motion and have it broken down properly.

Weighted Exercises

Hip Thrust– This is an exercise (and its variants) which specifically target the glute muscles. They can be performed with bands, bands with weights, or barbells.

A great way to add size and shape.

Leg Press– The leg press is a great isolation exercise because it is easy to control the motion on the machine. Beyond that, there is a wide variety of foot placement possible, which allows you to target different areas of the quads, hamstrings, and butt.

I have found that a wide and high (feet near the top of the platform) is an amazing way to focus on the butt. In particular the outer portion.

Step-Ups– These can be performed with a set of dumbbells. Again, the areas that this exercise targets are going to be based on the height of the platform and how far onto the box you step.

For me, my gym has an adjustable platform, and so I set it to a height that is challenging but not something that I have to contort my legs to step onto.

I also step toward the middle of the platform, as I can really feel the glutes being activated. I like to do 4-5 sets of this exercise, in the 10-12 rep range for each leg.

Leg Curls– This isolates the hamstring to the so-called underbutt region. It helps build further muscle mass and shape. Curl the weight all the way to the booty to really get that work in.

Hip-Abducter– You’ll need a gym with one of these machines but it is a nice tool to work the hips and the outside of the glutes.

Glute Ham Raise Machine– This one can be rare in many gyms, but it’s an absolute beast at targeting the butt.

Squats– Probably the King of the booty exercise. Squats using free weights or a smith machine can develop not only the butt, but the entire posterior chain. Proper Form and depth is a HUGE part of how well it is going to work.

There are a lot of people who move heavy weights with this exercise, but half ass it, in terms of range of motion…which is just a waste.

It is better to go lighter weight, with proper depth, and really make the muscles work. Again, proper form is an absolute must, because injuries can happen and probably will if one screws around while squatting.


Yes, there are cardio exercises that can help to target and help develop the awesome Instagram worthy butt. Standard jogging doesn’t seem to do it, as many runners don’t have that glute development.

What works? Sprinting, stair stepper machine, running stairs, and walking on incline. The incline walking involves a really high incline, so it’s not for everybody because it can definitely put stress on ankles and feet.

Diet for Booty

Want to grow the butt? Well, you cannot starve yourself. Your body needs food in order to grow and so eating is one of the biggest aspects of this. If you’re a beginner, you technically can gain muscle while on a caloric deficit diet, BUT you’re gains will be much more limited.

This is where bulking comes into play. All this means, is that you consume more calories then you take in, for a set number of weeks in order to pack on muscle.

You will of course, store some of this energy as fat, but the goal is to minimize the amount and cut the calories later while preserving as much of that hard earned booty muscle as possible.

To figure out how many calories you need each day, you can download a fitness app that will tell you your maintenance calories each day. Then, add calories to that.

NOTE: if you are currently very overweight, don’t go the caloric surplus route. Just lift weights and slowly reduce the calories you intake. You will still gain muscle mass, but you need to drop fat first. Then, once you cut down, you can go back and do a short bulk to develop the butt and legs further.

8-12 weeks is a solid bulking routine to pack on the mass. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to eat a ton more calories to get the muscle gains, and if you do you’re just going to gain fat.

For me as a man, I might do 300-400 extra calories per day, you won’t need that much and might consider 200 calories to start with and adjust from there based on the results.

Listen, don’t worry about the weight number. Lots of women who start to lift weights and get serious about fitness, find themselves weighing more on the scales, but looking way better than they did before.

Body composition (how much muscle versus fat someone has) is going to determine the look. Bikini and Insta models (the healthy fitness one’s anyway) eat nutritious foods and work hard.

They don’t take short cuts or get obsessed about the scale. Hard work pays off. Healthy body image comes from acceptance and not depriving your body for some vague physique ideal.


Finally, the most overlooked aspect of working out and gaining muscle. If you aren’t sleeping properly you aren’t going to get great results. I’ve had times wear my workouts were tough and diet on point and I got very little gains. I was just stuck in the same spot. Why? I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

Once, I corrected that and started to make sure 8-9 hours was the norm, my results skyrocketed. Your body repairs itself during sleep. It’s when huge doses of hormones get released.

If you skip out on this, the results aren’t good. Heck beyond just gaining muscle, your cognitive abilities also suffer, as well as your immune system. In effect, not sleeping makes us dumber and sicker.

You want booty? Turn off the TV and go to sleep!


Check out the program, Unlock Your Glutes

Unlock Your Glutes gives you a complete program, specifically designed to shape and strengthen your butt muscles. Start to add size to your booty in as little as 4 weeks, with just 2 workouts per week.

This is an online program, with an ebook and video instructions, which gets emailed to you so you can get started right away.

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If you want a way to get those great butt gains without having to figure everything out on your own, head over to this page, and get all the info you need to get started: Unlock Your Glutes program

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    1. viagra and cialis online P Christiansen, T Steiniche, K Brixen, etal Primary hyperparathyroidism Whole body bone mineral density in surgically treated Danish patients A three year follow up study Bone 25 597 602, 1999 Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar 22

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    1. Another difference, however, is that most agents used in chemotherapy are metabolically washed out of the body within days or weeks, but the effects of radiation on tissue are cumulative over many years; this means that when an area of the body has once received a full course of radiation therapy, it cannot be radiated again, except perhaps after many years, without the danger of having a disastrous effect on normal tissue cialis dosage Quinolone antibiotics including ofloxacin may cause serious and possibly permanent tendon damage such as tendonitis, tendon rupture, nerve problems in the arms and legs peripheral neuropathy, and nervous system problems

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