How to Fix a Flat Butt for Women

Beyond women looking to lose fat on their bellies or on their thighs, one of the most questioned aspects of fitness for ladies is, how to build a great butt from a flat one? There are countless myths and poor advice on the subject of building a superb booty, but how does one actually fix a pancake butt?

What are the methods to shape the glutes and lift the underbutt? Whether we’re talking the upper or lower gluteal muscles, what can we do to get a great, Instagram worthy ass?

How to Fix a Flat Butt

Do You Need to Lift Weights?

Short answer: yes. To have a great butt, you need to build the muscle, right? The way to do that is with resistance training. Meaning, weight lifting will be a requirement. No worries, it’s a great hobby to pick up, and the way to not only get stronger but also to create an amazing physique.

Training your butt can be wrapped up within the larger frame of a ‘leg day’, as many of the exercises that work the glutes, also happen to work the thighs, calves, etc.

This training should ideally be done twice per week. No, you don’t need to work the butt out, every single day. It needs rest in order to grow.

Training it all the time, will result in stagnant results, because it the muscle will be overworked. Muscle growth and recovery occurs while we sleep. REST IS HUGELY IMPORTANT.

The two training sessions per week can be split into different focuses. For instance, the first training session is just a leg day, where the booty gets worked out by virtue of those leg exercises.

While the second training session for the week, focuses on more isolation exercises for the butt. Really focusing on form and performing the best rep possible, rather than, just trying to lift the heaviest weight you can.

What are Some Exercises to Grow the Butt?

Before I get into a list of the best exercises for the glutes, please take the time to look up videos, on how to perform each movement properly. It’s too tough to explain how to through text and these exercises and be fairly detailed in their execution.

Hip Thrusts– A fantastic isolation exercise. Start with lighter weight in order to get the movement down pat, then increase the work load as you move on in your journey.

You actually don’t need insane weights for this to be effective and some folks going really heavy, start recruiting other muscle groups instead of just hitting the butt.


Dumbbell Lunges


Leg Press with full depth and different foot placements

Good Mornings


Rope Pull Throughs

What About Cardio Exercises for the Butt?

There are some cardio exercises that can work the booty, as well. These are supplemental to the weighted workouts. The main three are: stair stepper machine, incline treadmill walking, and sprints.

I like to mix up which exercise that I’m doing for each day. That way, I can give the body different experiences to adapt to. Sprinting is actually really effective cardio for this purpose, but again, you can’t go overboard with it because it is quite taxing.

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