How Long Does it Take to Lift Your Bum?

Training the booty is a huge topic for women, who want to tone or grow or just generally, make their booty huge. It’s pretty easy to get the initial motivation to hit the gym, do some squats and hip thrusts, to try to lift the butt. Then, the questions start in our minds, about how long the process is going to take? When am I going to have an amazing looking bum? Well, let’s examine this topic, and try to suss out a time frame that is reasonable.

How Long does it Take to Lift Your Butt?

Alright, so, the answer to that question is going to depend on both one’s starting point and what they are actually trying to accomplish.

How long to see results? I mean, you can see some results within a month. The transformation won’t be complete, though.

My general answer would be 3-6 months. Though, it could be longer based on what sort of look one is going for.

If you currently have a flat butt and/or lots of fat to lose on the rear end, and want an elite IG model level booty, that’s going to take longer. Plenty of progress will be made, but that elite level, will take a year plus of consistent training. 

Let’s break it down further.

‘Lifting the butt’ could involve two aspects for most women. One, being fat loss. The other being, muscle building.

The fat loss aspect can certainly be accomplished in that 3-6 month time frame. Even shorter, for some folks. You can probably expect to safely lose 1-3 lbs of fat per week (over the entire body), when doing everything correctly.

OK, in that few months time frame you have lost the fat, and your butt will no longer have the same tendency to sag.

However, it could still not have the shape, you may want. You may also want to preserve some fat and not be too lean, especially around the butt.

That’s going to be based on personal preference. Some women, may be cool with just the fat loss. Others, may want to go a step further and add muscle to really lift and shape the booty.

Those women, will need to complete both steps (yes, you can undertake them simultaneously).

While still others, may currently not need to lose any fat, just fix a flat butt instead. So, they only need to focus on the muscle building part.

See, how complicated a general answer can get?

Nonetheless, one will want to begin training the booty and legs, in order to start to see size and shape gains. It is of course, a process that takes time.

I remember starting training and how weak my arms were, at the start. However, within a few months I had made really solid progress. After about a year of training, they were my strongest point, and had great shape and size.

In the end, if you train correctly, you can see tremendous strides within months and will have gotten the bum looking better than most of the population. If you want the elite level, it’s going to take an elite level of commitment. Sorry, no way around that.

Don’t Get Discouraged

The key to making progress, is having realistic expectations, and not getting discouraged that changes aren’t 100% there overnight.

The gains will absolutely come. Focus on the process and give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. Don’t over train, get plenty of sleep, keep a good diet, and hit the gym hard when you do have a training day.

2 workouts per week is enough to grow the butt and get it into great shape. Sometimes, you can throw in a third workout, to mix things up (maybe once per month). Provided you’re getting enough rest in between 36-48 hours, at least.

If you’re gunning for an elite IG model type of look, you can absolutely make it happen…just without the photo filters and enhancements. It will take consistent training for over a year.

Really, that’s not that long of a period of time, and it does fly by.

Keep at it and don’t get so caught up in a specific amount of time. Just do the work and appreciate the progress, that you do make, as it happens.

How to Lift the Booty through Lifting

Here is a post I wrote about some of the best butt exercises: Exercises to Lift the Booty and Get a Bigger Butt without Growing Legs

Yes, you can do exercises using body weight to help tone and shape the glutes. However, if you want better and results and a butt that really pops, there is going to need to be a weight lifting plan in place.

A lot has been made about the ‘squat booty’, over the past few years. Yes, squats are one of the best exercises (not just for the rear end, but entire lower body), its value is a bit overrated in terms of isolating these muscles.

Squats really develop the thighs more. For many people, it can be difficult to truly get a good position from which they can target the glutes.

As such, there are many other exercises, that are better at getting that lift that we are targeting.

Things such as hip thrusts, glute bridges, sumo squats with dumbbells, and lunges can all be incorporated into a program for adding muscle mass and shape to the bum.

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