How to Build an Instagram Booty

Instagram is an app to share pictures, so naturally, it became the go to place to see finely shaped butts in a short amount of time. During this decade, the app has become (in)famous for the millions of pictures of female fitness and bikini models to show off their stuff.

The question is, how does one get a booty like an IG model (without the heavy photo editing)? What does it take to go from fat or flat, to a round and perfectly toned, bubble butt?

In this post, I want to take a closer look at how the process works, and what the exercises are that can really create that awesome peach shape.

How to Get an IG Worthy Butt

Diet for Muscle Gains

So, in order to build a booty, we have to build muscle. To do that, the body will need fuel to turn into muscle mass.

What this means, is one will need excess calories to turn into that gluteal muscle mass.

Now, there are caveats to this. If you are currently overweight, you probably won’t need to add any calories to your diet, as you get plenty already. Now, some of that excess will be building muscle instead of storing fat.

If you’re currently skinny, adding 100-300 calories per day to your diet, should be sufficient to add mass. You don’t need to go crazy with it, as much of the excess calories, will just end up being turned into fat.

Do you necessarily need to eat more to gain mass? No, provided that you’re a beginner lifter. You can still gain some muscle while on fewer calories. Heck, I did it back in the day, while on a deficit and losing fat.

However, I would have gained more muscle, by not cutting the calories. So, not having enough calories can limit your potential growth.

Will you gain fat during the muscle building process? Yes, the goal is to limit the amount that is put on. It’s a balancing act between getting those butt gains and putting on too much fat.

That’s why adding a limited number of calories to the diet is important. It limits the amount of fat that gets put on and the rest is pretty quick and easy to get rid of.

One can also consider doing ‘mini cuts’. This is where you use the extra calories to bulk for 4-5 weeks, and then, take 1-2 weeks to lose the excess fat gained during the bulk. Then, you hop back into bulking, to get more gains.

Training for that Instagram Model Booty

One can hit the gym on a regular basis 4-6 times per week. It isn’t required, however, and especially when emphasizing one part of the body. You don’t need to workout the glute muscles everyday and it’s actually counterproductive.

2 times per week is sufficient to get awesome gains. Occasionally, throwing in a third workout with enough rest in between days, can stimulate gains when done correctly.

While this post is focusing on getting results for the bigger butt, it is definitely important not to neglect the rest of the physique, and have a lopsided look. Why have a great rear end, but the rest of the body is lfet, un-toned and flabby?

Alright, so what are some of the exercises needed to get serious booty size and shape gains?

You will need to consult videos on a site like YouTube, in order to learn these movements properly, as explaining through text isn’t effective. However, these will be the main focuses:

  • Hip Thrusts
  • Squats (many variations, such as sumo squats)
  • Leg Press
  • Lunges
  • Step Ups
  • Dead Lifts

These exercises are the foundations of almost any routine looking to get a great looking butt. They will not only increase muscle strength, but also, greatly effect the shape and size of the glute muscles.

Building a routine with these as the base, will over time, lead to a fantastic looking butt well worth taking a picture of.

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